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Let’s take a break from the usual styles you see me wearing. What I’m truly proud of is the fact that even though I have my personal style, I still challenge myself to try new ones. Versatility – the key ingredient to keep you dear readers interested. 


When A-Fash decided to have “Hip-hop” as our theme, I was very excited because I know I can pull off this style easily. No sweat! I can easily change from the blouse-skirt-heels to the harem bottoms-plus-sneakers type of girl. 


What I’m wearing: DC snapback, borrowed from Ava; denim vest, neon top, and harlem pants, thrifted



leather band, Tomato; neon green  bracelet, Kikay’s Kit; blue skull bracelet, CaLee Shoppe 



I really like wearing snapbacks not just because it’s a lifesaver during bad hair days but because it  also give swag to an outfit. (•‿•)


How do you like my take on hip-hop? Comment away!

P.S. I want to thank those who prayed for me and wished me good luck for my title defense last July 28. Your prayers and sincerity worked because my partner and I received a grade of 97. Yey! That’s something to celebrate about, isn’t it? Thanks guys! 




Giveaway Galore: Week 4 (CLOSED)



September is coming to an end and so, this is the final set of sweet treats for you dearest readers. Tomorrow, September 24, is Didi’s birthday and she wants to extend her sincerest gratitude to all of you who are so supportive and appreciative   all along. ☺ 

DSC 1613

These swagger dogtags from MaPapel can be be worn by both men and women. And only ONE WINNER shall have this rad set! So to our lady readers, you could join for yourself or in behalf of your brothers, your boy buds, your boyfriends, or even your daddies! Now read more to join.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Announcement of winners will be on the 30th; the winners shall be randomly chosen. This is open to the Philippines only. Good luck! ☺



Best regards, 

Joyce and Didi

Something Wicked


Wicked = Awesome

Sauce = Supreme


Finally, this sponsored post! First and foremost, we utterly apologize for making you guys wait esp. Sir Brian and the gang of Wicked Sauce. Nevertheless, we assure you that this is one rad post and is definitely our favorite so far! 


Before we expound on the outfit details, we’d tell you first about this über awesome shop directly from the owner’s words – in bullets:



(Brian Patrick experiences a few setbacks)
● 3D Animator bails on him. 
● Full-feature movie will probably never see the light of day.
● Full feature movie has been shelved for 2 years.
● Restaurant project down the drain.
● With nothing to do, Brian, consumes a baziilion paperback novels within a year. Went on crazy road trips and drank a lot of booze.
● Gets his heart broken twice.
● Begins to feel numb and looses his passion. 
● One day decides to get off his lazy ass after watching Kony 2012.
(Has been a supporter of Invisible Children since 2006.)
● Decides to do a fundraiser for Kony 2012.
● Worked with MaPapel to provide the merchandise.
● Fell in love with making T-shirts.
● Buys a heat press and cutter plotter.
● Inspired by his friends and their various businesses, Brian opens WICKED SAUCE on Facebook. (Still has no idea what he actually wants to do with the brand, but hey, it’s better than just sitting around all day and complaining.)
● Brian is now back to doing what he loves, designing, typography, performing, events, and is now finishing his movie.


Future Plans:
1. Events
2. Movies
3. Plaids, Knits, Hoodies, Tanks, Pants, Snapbacks, Shades


Absorbing all these made us admire Sir Brian more not just because he is too kind to sponsor us (hey this is our biggest sponsorship-slash-endorsement so far and we feel so grateful!) but in a deeper sense, he is a man with passion; passionate people like him drive us to be better in doing what we love and just be optimistic about things. ☺

Now we proceed to the outfit details. We will show you how to wear the basic graphic/statement shirt without looking tickity tack! We have sported two looks. ☺




On Didi: “Open Your Mind” statement shirt, Wicked Sauce; detachable reversible collar, Felthappy; mullet skirt and killer shoes, thrifted 




On Joyce: “Never Stop Dreaming” statement shirt,Wicked Sauce; detachable animal print collar, Felthappy; bandage skirt, SM Department Store; spike ring, Fashion for Less; cheetah ring, Folded and Hung; leather belt and killer heels, thrifted 


So who says you can’t wear a shirt over a skirt? Just jazz it up with the right accessories and you’re good to go! Those lovely detachable collars are a must! Go visit Felthappy and grab yours! ☺ 

Second look:






On Joyce: “Never Stop Dreaming” statement shirt, Wicked Sauce; statement necklace, Skull|Tape Clay Accessories; skull bracelet, Sassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee; peace bracelets,Yellow Daisies Accessories; shorts and hot pink high-tops, thrifted






On Didi: ”Open Your Mind” statement shirt, Wicked Sauce; statement necklace, piano ring and “D” bracelet, Skull|Tape Clay Accessories; round charm bracelet, Sassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee; peace bracelets,Yellow Daisies Accessories; DC snapback, Ava’s; shorts, thrifted; shoes, Nike


Thank you so much to Skull|Tape Clay Accessories for the pretty pieces. A fan of clay creations? Go visit their shop now. ☺


Wait there’s more! 😀







We know right! They’re handsome! And the Wicked Sauce shirts heightened their appeal! Thank you to these ever talented guys, Fadi and Gelo, for being so game and patient. Hugs!☺


Okay, final wave now…





We really do hope this post inspired you in one way or another. Find Wicked Sauce here:

● Facebook 

● Store



“Life’s full of shit these days, but who says you can’t control your own fate? Life’s awesome! We’re here to hopefully inspire you, to celebrate the little joys in life with you, that eventually stack up and make life worth living! So stop procrastinating, get past go; and begin today!”

-Wicked Sauce



Joyce and Didi


Photography: Fadi Ghaleeb, Sandi Ghannam, Frances Joyce Vasquez


Postprocessing: Fadi Ghaleeb

Do Ya Thang


We feel so grateful and blessed that in less than two months, we have gained more than 900 followers. What’s more wonderful is that our family, relatives and friends have been and will always be supportive in everything we do. We are so driven by passion that nothing and no one will hinder us to pursue the things we love doing (yes haters, we mean it! LOL). We thank you for all the warmth and appreciation. Words will never be enough but allow us to express our gratitude to you endlessly. 


Another reason to be thankful for is our sponsors. Isn’t it awesome receiving cool stuff for free? Aah, the simple pleasures of life! The adorable dogtags above are from MaPapel. Lovin’ what you see? Read on! 

The aforementioned shop, wittily named MaPapel, offers on-hand paper and PVC products. This is how their description goes: “It’s about every young girl’s obsession with paper, design, print, stress and drama.” However, seeing their array of superb pieces, men could be obssessed with their products as well, particularly the dogtags that spell S-W-A-G. You can view more of their PVC dogtags HERE with the amazing price of only Php 150! Whatcha’ waiting for? Go purchase yours and wear what you wanna convey. 


L-R: Didi, Therese, Joyce, Kiana

Since we were young, we’re always reminded that the best way to be thankful is to share and so, we decided to give the two dogtags to our cousin, Therese Dominique, and our sister, Frances Kiana. Yes there are three FRANCESes in the family. In fact, our youngest sibling is named Francis Xavier. We will introduce him to all of you soon, too! ❤


Ray Ban aviator shades, from Tito Allan; embellished muscle shirt, thrifted; harem pants, Dush Clothing; gladiator heels, Parisian 


Therese on the safety pins: “Tete (Ate), sayo na lang pala ako dapat humingi ng imperdible pag may sira yung uniform ko sa school.”  Funny little girl! 😀


spiral ring, Divisoria; lioness ring, Folded and Hung (from Tito Paul) 


Joyce: “I am also wearing a safety pins cuff here. Thank you Curls and Twirls for this! ” 


Guess leather belt, gift; dogtag, MaPapel

Don’t we just love Marilyn Monroe? If you’re an avid fan of her timelessness, this dogtag is a must-have! ☺



On Didi: oversized batwing top, gift from Tito Paul; denim shorts, Roxy; Dr. Martens-inspired boots, thrifted


leopard print dogtag, MaPapel


Didi: “I love how my dogtag and boots matched!”


We hope you like this post as much as we enjoyed such bonding moment. Always remember to do your thing, be very very passionate about it, and never be afraid of what people might say because you don’t do it to please them but simply because you love doing it. ❤


Love always, 

Joyce and Didi


Kiana and Therese

P.S. Thanks Ruffa for the photos. 

Turn Our Swag On

DSC 7566

This is our first street style post. When we’re not in the mood to strut in heels, we resort to high-tops and lovely sneakers esp. when our classes require us to transfer from one building to another. 

DSC 7563

On Joyce: cropped top, thrifted; jeans, Folded and Hung; hot pink high-tops, thrifted; cap, Ava’s; bag, Cosé

Joyce: “As usual, people at school stared at me from head to toe and random friends  repeatedly noticed how striking my shoes are. :D”

DSC 7614

DSC 7595

studded belt, Folded and Hung (Didi’s)

DSC 7569

oversized ring, Folded and Hung

DSC 7590

DSC 7476

DSC 7493

On Didi: tattered shirt, thrifted; jeans, Folded and Hung; shoes, Zoo York; bag, Jaina’s 

DSC 7516

Didi: “I love the edgy vibe of this shirt. :)”

DSC 7501

leather band, Tomato

DSC 7508

watch, Swatch

DSC 7499

DSC 7616

And for our upcoming post with our new fashionista friends at school, here’s a teaser:

DSC 7280

Keep in touch lovelies! Don’t hesitate to send us a message or comment through Disqus. We love you! 🙂



Joyce and Didi

Girly x Rocker Chic

Our second day of classes did not allow our schedules to meet for a shoot so we had to do it separately. We didn’t even have any idea what the other was wearing until we finally headed home to our dormitory. It was only then that we realized we were wearing quite opposite concepts. Didi, too girly and me, a smidgen of the rocker chic.

DSC 6451

On Didi: cropped top, thrifted; crocheted cover-up, thrifted; jeans, Folded and Hung; bag, thrifted; flats, thrifted

DSC 6456

DSC 6452

detachable collar, Didi’s DIY

DSC 6459

DSC 6458

Say hello to one of our resident photographers, Ruffa. 🙂

DSC 6438

DSC 6420

On Joyce: white vest, thrifted; black inner top, H&M; jeans, Freego; bag, Paul Frank; shoes, mom’s gift

DSC 6431

earrings from SM Department store

DSC 6429

DSC 6423

DSC 6434

So far, we’re enjoying the non-uniform days in the Ateneo de Naga University. We just wish there’s no dress code to follow for us to fab up ourselves even more but yeah, rules are rules. More more posts to come. Spread the love! 🙂



Joyce and Didi