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Love Month Giveaway Galore


February may be overrated but sharing the love through this giveaway won’t hurt. We’d be giving away accessories to three winners courtesy of CaLee Shoppe, Clarissa’s Arm Candy, and Kikay’s Kit.


First prize is this set of pretty accessories from CaLee Shoppe:


For the second winner, these arm candies from Clarissa’s Arm Candy are must-haves! 

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Finally, for the third winner, heighten your elegance with this collar necklace from Kikay’s Kit:

DSC 9430

Lovin’ the items and ready to win? Read more and follow the mechanics via the Rafflecopter widget. Make sure you accomplish everything. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Announcement of the winner will be on February 17; the winner shall be randomly chosen. This giveaway is open to the Philippines only. Good luck!  ❤


Love love, 

Joyce and Didi 


DSC 0035

We had a shoot with some of the members of Oragon Photographers Association, a community of Bicolano professional photographers, amateur ones, hobbyists, and many other photography enthusiasts. These photos were taken by the very laid-back Mr. Xeres Gagero of Xeres Gagero Potograpiya. Thanks again Kuya Xeres and the rest of the OPA gang who photographed us. ☺  

DSC 0021

On Didi: head-to-toe thriftednecklace, Yen’s Butingthings; floral crownKaymar Alekzis Shop

DSC 0024

Didi: “I got inspired by these floral crowns from Kaymar Alekzis Shop. When I was still a child, I’m fond of dreaming of becoming a fairy. As a little girl, who wouldn’t like to be one? They have pretty skirts or dresses plus they have wings and special abilities. ☺ These floral crowns ignited that dream that’s why I decided to come up with an outfit like this.  Aren’t the floral crowns lovely? They are actually two separate crowns, however, I decided to overlap them to emphasize it even more.”  

DSC 0028

DSC 0029

Didi: “My lace top with embossed flower print plus the mullet skirt made my whole outfit very girly – perfect for my fairy peg outfit . Check out the effect of the top’s details on my arms. Lovely isn’t it? 

Bracelets from Clarissa’s Arm Candies andSassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee

DSC 0038
On Joyce: floral tube dress, Fièvre; lace vest (Didi’s), thrifted; Nine West sling bag, thrifted; oxfords, thrifted; mirrored arrow down necklace, Personalized Accessories; arm candies, Clarissa’s Arm Candies

DSC 0050

Joyce: “Unlike Didi, I seldom wear too girly stuff yet this floral dress from Fièvre is just so irresistible that I took a fashion risk of wearing it even if it’s not my style. I guess I pulled it off, didn’t I?”  

DSC 0045

mirrored arrow down necklace, Personalized Accessories

DSC 0048

arm candies, Clarissa’s Arm Candies

DSC 0144

With our dearest friend Elpee Abias. We adore his get-up!

DSC 0097

The growing A-Fash community 


We would appreciate your feedback. Don’t forget to join our giveaway here. ❤



Best regards, 

Joyce and Didi

Casual Chic

DSC 6040

We went to a lunch party at a family friend’s residence in our hometown. We seldom shoot in our locality and posing in front of our house was kinda awkward coz some people in the neighborhood immediately planted their curious stares on us. Not to mention mom and dad were spectators too and they were mimicking our poses! Old people nowadays! LOL 

DSC 6056

Above are our staple pieces that day – our customized shorts courtesy of The Chic Project. We love how unique the designs are plus they’re really stylish and comfy to wear! You guys should check out their page for more pretty clothes! If you wanna have personalized shorts as well and have a couple of questions in mind, you can send them a message and we assure you that they will respond in a heartbeat. Yep that’s a hyperbole! Kidding aside, they do have a great team who will entertain your inquiries asap.☺  

DSC 6090

On Joyce: sheer top and sandals, thrifted; customized shorts, The Chic Project

CSC 6096
DSC 6057

mirrored arrow down necklace,  Personalized Accessories
DSC 6062
Joyce: “I love these bracelets from Clarissa’s Arm Candies coz they can easily be paired with any outfit. Thanks sis Clarissa for sending us some of your pretty pieces!”
DSC 6065

DSC 6011

On Didi: sheer top and silver flats, thrifted; customized shorts, The Chic Project

DSC 6015

glittered arrow down necklace, Personalized Accessories

DSC 6022
 aztec ring, Kikay’s Kit; anchor bracelet and handcuffs bracelet, Sassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee

DSC 6017
 nail polish: Cherries on the Snow by Revlon
DSC 6025

Didi: “I love how my Personalized Accessories necklace matched my sequined silver flats. PA does wonders as usual!” 


Big thanks to our not-so-little-anymore sister Frances Kiana for taking the photos! Your photography skills are improving. We love you Kia! 


Hope you guys had a great day. Don’t forget to join our giveaway here. ❤




Joyce and Didi

Zuri Wearable Art



On Didi and Joyce: statement necklaces, Zuri Wearable Art –  Belle Couture collection


All photos taken by Fadi Ghaleeb Diaz


Remember our blog post about Zuri Wearable Art here? We’re now posting the second set of elegant jewelries that they have sent us. They’re from the Belle Classic collection  – pieces that are indeed aesthetically timeless classics. They remind us of poised women with high justified standards and incomparable principles. We could say that these jewelries are must-haves if you believe that you belong to these few women who remain indestructible and sophisticated even under the worst circumstances.


DSC0046 (2)

DSC0079 (2)

DSC0127 (2)

On Joyce: bold red necklace and bracelet made of crystals, Zuri Wearable ArtBelle Classic collection




On Didi: dainty pink necklace and bracelet made of crystals, Zuri Wearable ArtBelle Classic collection


Zuri Wearable Art tops our list of fashion accessories brands that effortlessly give the exquisiteness that would complete a woman’s ensemble. ❤


Find them here:

Official Website 

Official Facebook Page  




Best regards, 

Joyce and Didi

December Giveaway: POSHibilities

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We will welcome the loveliest month of the year by hosting another giveaway for you our dearest readers! Watch out for the next weeks for more pretty items that you might possibly get your hands on. 


The first one is this chic dream-catcher top from POSHibilities. Ain’t it fresh-looking? The combo of the white shirt and the purdy print on it is just irresistible. You may now accomplish the mechanics via the Rafflecopter widget.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Announcement of the winner will be on December 16; the winner shall be randomly chosen. This giveaway is open to the Philippines only. Good luck! ☺


Love love, 

Joyce and Didi

Grab ’em All


Remember when we told you that we will be engaging into a lot of events? This one would be the first that we would like to share with you. If you are a regular reader of our blog, you might have read about the modeling workshop we have attended last semestral break. To make the story short, after the said workshop, many opportunities came our way – and we didn’t think twice to grab them all. 😀

DSC 1235

Here’s the first on the list – Joyce, being the social butterfly that she truly is, hosted the Graduation Fashion Show of Modeling 101 and Personality Development Workshop Batch 2 students while Didi walked down the runway for the collection of Ms. Jennifer Olaso-Harris, international model and resident runway mentor of the said workshop.

Here are some snapshots during the event:

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That’s Ate Tess, her co-host and one of the event organizers.

DSC 1078On Joyce: corset top, Fièvre; bandage skirt, SM Department Store; necklaces, Personalized Accessories  

526357 557174547632496 1362990349 n

DSC 1244

Joyce made this red corset top her staple piece. Thank you Fièvre for this. 🙂

177609 557191417630809 268972195 o

Remember the Purple Mansion contact lenses that we have featured here? We love the eye adornments so much coz they’re very useful in photo shoots and fashion events. They definitely add the extra oomph in our aura. 

 283291 3963424931205 1738352161 n

On Didi: long gown, Ms. Jennifer Olaso-Harris’ collection; heels, Rusty Lopez; chunky bracelet, gift from Uncle Tito Paul; earrigs, SM Department Store

175979 557192580964026 2121378744 o

Didi: “Check out the gown’s sexy cut and details.”


We thank the following photographers:

Ava Tendenilla

Xeres Gagero

Caloy Lazaro


That would be it guys – another learning experience for the both of us. Go on and try new things, you might discover something new about yourself. ❤

DSC 1241




Joyce and Didi


DSC 4535

A-Fash‘s theme yesterday was anything that has to do with scissors – may it be cutouts, fringes, cropped, you get the idea. And so we actuated our creative juices by literally cutting out some parts of our clothing. You guys should try it; it’s rewarding to wear something you have put efforts into! 

DSC 4528

School’s getting a lot more serious now esp. that the elder sister is to graduate on March. Speaking of school, we found this spot behind the University Church with all those dainty flower petals on the grass, isn’t it lovely? 


You might have noticed how peculiar-looking our eyes are on the first photo. We’re wearing contact lenses from Purple Mansion. Joyce is wearing  Ice Disposable Diamond Gray and Didi’s wearing Ice Dolly Mimi105You can check out their wide array of pretty lenses at affordable prices here. These lenses are safe to use but remember to consult with an optometrist first if you are fit to wear them.

DSC 4556

On Joyce: denim vest, skirt, sandals, belt – all thrifted; ripped dress worn as tube top, gift

DSC 4564

tribal-inspired necklace,  Personalized Accessories

DSC 4562

Joyce: “This denim vest gained several compliments from my guy friends.”

DSC 4572

wooden bracelets, Rainbow Tropics; peace charm bracelet, Sassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee

DSC 4565

DSC 4540

On Didi: rib cage cutout top, Didi’s DIY; pants, Solo; Jeffrey Campbell shoes, thrifted

DSC 4544

Didi: “You can evidently see the imperfections of my work but hell yeah, I love it!”

DSC 4543

tribal-inspired necklace, Personalized Accessories

DSC 4547

You should visit Sassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee for more of these bracelets. New designs are posted now!

DSC 4550

DSC 4576

It’s us with our lovely A-Fash sisters. We love you to bits, ladies! And oh, thanks Jamie Lou Borile for the pretty photos, as usual. ☺


Tell us what you think! Hope you guys had a wonderful day! ❤



Best regards, 

Joyce and Didi