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Cuddle Me Baby


Hello December! Finally the happiest and most colorful month of the year has come and you certainly know what that means – Christmas is just around the corner! Yey! 


Who wouldn’t love Christmas? The 3-year-old-me would be just as happy as everyone else. 


There will be gatherings here and there, presents, and food! Of course everyone will be preparing sumptuous feasts so I’ll be ready for additional pounds. *Ghad.. I’m getting fat.* Haha! (•‿•)



Now lets talk about the outfit. There’s no better way to fight the cold breeze than wearing a pullover then match it with tights and boots. I tell you you’ll have a feeling you have a second skin. Haha! Perfect for the cuddle weather! 


What I’m wearing: cross pullovers and booties, thrifted; tights, SM Department Store


I love the aztec-cross print on this pullovers. It gives the edgy vibe on the outfit. ☺



Its my first time to wear this kind of booties, did I pull it off well? 



blue skull bracelet, CaLee Shoppe; red cross bracelet, Sassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee


Hope you enjoyed my post! Enjoy the rest of December guys! Love, love!




The Woman and The Dress


Every semester, Ateneo de Naga University holds its University Dress-Up Day where all of the students are encouraged to attend their classes in business attire. 


For this semester, I decided to get my inspiration from the iconic Audrey Hepburn (hence, the pose. Haha!). Of course, when you say “Audrey Hepburn” its all about grace, elegance and style. I always pictured her in one piece monochrome dresses which fits perfectly to A-Fash‘s monochrome theme. 


I kept my outfit simple yet fab because for Audrey being “less is more”. 




Audrey’s look was always unmistakably well groomed and neat. Thus, to completely achieve the look, I tied my hair to a bun. I also used Chanel-inspired pearl hairpins for my hair. Pearl hairpins plus pearl earrings – pretty much ala Breakfast at Tiffany’s. (•‿•)image

stack bracelet, Sassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee; sling bag, Guess


Primadonna heels


I got really humbling compliments for my outfit. Some said I also looked like Blair from Gossip Girl, while most of my friends teased me that I must be a flight stewardess! LOL. But what’s really extraordinary about this dress is its price. I bet you won’t believe me when I say I got this dress for only 35 pesos! Yeah, the magic of thrift shops! SUPER steal right? 

Well, this is one proof that we don’t need to spend a lot of money for good looking clothes. The brand and the price of what you are wearing is not really necessary. Remember what Yves Saint Laurent said: “What is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.” 


Hope you dig this post! Don’t forget to hype my look:

Love lots,


A Skirt Story


Skirts are carefree clothing; they are the type that liberate us from the constraints of tight jeans, legwear, and the like. Talking about liberation, we were set free from our regular stressful classes last Thursday because of Ateneo de Naga’s semestral Alternative Class Program. It’s a day we always anticipate because we get to choose a topic we would participate in plus the big perk is you’d meet awesome speakers of their respective expertise. image

We chose the talk entitled I DREAM to blog the clutches and blotches of my everyday life” by our fellow Bicolana fashion blogger, Ate Daf Benosa of Metamorphosis. We were really delighted that we finally met her because she’s one of our fave fashion enthusiasts. She comments often on our outfit posts which always makes our day. Ate Daf is indeed someone to look up to – charming, intelligent, and very humble. Thanks Ate Daf for the knowledge you have shared to us; we would definitely live them out. 


Our A-Fash sisters Pam and Danica were also in the session and we were all smiles after Ate Daf’s inspiring talk. It’s really a great thing that we have already established a bond with these ladies who share the same interests. Connections like this really matter to us.


On Joyce: head-to-toe thrifted


Joyce: “Notice how I mixed and matched varied pieces in my outfit. Take risks. Fashion risks, specifically. It’s a way of exhibiting your creative juices.”


arm party, Sassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee; envelope bag, Sam’s Station



On Didi: top and flats, thrifted; paisley-print skirt, Uhhhkay-Ukay


collar necklace, Yen’s Butingthings


Didi: “The busy print on my skirt was fittingly paired with a plain top for the whole outfit to appear pleasantly simple.”


bag (Joyce’s), Nine West; oversized lioness ring, Folded and Hung



Summer’s fast approaching and we can’t wait to have more posts to share with you. We hope you guys also savor your “I am free!” moments but be reminded that you should never abuse it. 



Joyce and Didi 

A-FASHion Challenge with IgKnight

group 2

Our blood is blue, our heart is gold. Yes, we are proud Atenistas. Being an Atenean isn’t a mere title, it’s a way of life. 

c joyce and didi

A-Fash collaborated with IgKnight, a student-oriented entity whose primary goal is to substantially boost Ateneo de Naga’s School Spirit. When we knew about this collab, we were utterly excited because this is our chance to showcase our individual sense of style highlighting our school pride. 


Ateneo is outstanding and timeless. That sums up why we chose a classic motif. Before we elaborate on our outfit details, may we acquaint you first to the aforementioned company who produced these appealing shirts, IgKnight. (info from their official Facebook page as linked above)


IgKnight (ĭg-nīt’) – to set the Knighthood, nobilified by Magis, in every Atenean on fire



IgKnight Inc.’s primary purpose is to provide apparel and merchandise to encourage students to be Pro-APE: Ateneo, Pinoy, Environment.



The company envisions itself to someday be a household name and globally competitive, having been withstood economic, political and internal setbacks. 

group 3


The company name IgKnight is a combination of the name of St. Ignatius of Loyola, a former knight himself and the founder of the Society of Jesus, and Knight which are vital symbols of the Ateneo de Naga University. IgKnight, being a homophone of the word Ignite, partially takes on its definition. And thus to “IgKnight” is to set the Knighthood, full of chivalry and valor, in every Atenean on fire.

It provides from head-to-toe apparel and merchandise both ready-to-wear and customized. Together with all its aspirations, the company seeks to provide a product line that offers quality, affordability and identity all at the same time.


Now we proceed to our respective outfit details. ☺ 

DSC 6772

On Joyce: hat, knitted poncho, pencil skirt and heels, all thrifted; shirt, IgKnight

DSC 6811

DSC 6784

collar necklace, Yen’s Butingthings

DSC 6796

bejeweled bracelet in gold chain, Sassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee; white and gold braided bracelet, Clarissa’s Arm Candies; bejeweled bracelet with pearls, Braccialetto Filipina

DSC 6788

Joyce: “The faux snakeskin screams fierceness.” 

DSC 6756 Copy

On Didi: hat, borrowed from a friend; blazer, belt, palazzo pants, all thrifted; heels, Rusty Lopez

Didi: “I got my inspiration for this outfit from Doina Ciobanu of The Golden Diamonds. We’re an avid fan of her style and we definitely love her blog.” 

8081072018 4c9a6935b3 o

Photo from The Golden Diamonds

DSC 6809

DSC 6800

collar necklace, Yen’s Butingthings; bracelet, Clarissa’s Arm Candies

DSC 6807

We would like to thank the photographers from the IgKnight team – Wella Perez, Jaime Bancolita, Lanz Monasterio and the rest for being so patient and nice to us. Special mention also to our best buddy Michael Francis Clemente for assisting us and for taking photos as well. And of course to our A-Fash sister, Jamie Lou Borile, thank you so much for postprocessing the photos. ☺ 

group x

We feel very grateful for the wonderful opportunities that A-Fash has been receiving lately; watch out for more of our collabs soon! ☺ 


Best regards, 

Joyce and Didi 


2nd post

We’re officially enrolled for the second semester here in Ateneo de Naga University. Didi’s on her third year as a BS Psychology student and Joyce is on her senior year as an AB Development Communication student. 


We’re good at juggling everything around – we spend quality time with our family, we have a wonderful social life, we passionately maintain this fashion blog and enhance our respective skills, and yes, we are very diligent students. Life is a hodgepodge; you just have to awesomely deal with it. 

DSC 3111

Fashion blogging enabled us to try a hodgepodge of styles as we always do ‘coz we really never stick to a single fashion type alone. We experiment and take risks and we’re never afraid to do so. Because of fashion blogging, we learned how to carry ourselves better and to simply don’t mind about what other people think ‘coz we know that what they see is only superficial; our sheer beauty goes way beneath these clothes and is something people cannot destroy. 

DSC 3070

DSC 3102

Don’t you just love these unique bottlecap accessories? They’re from Hodge Podge. Their cutie patootie (Didi’s fave expression btw) pieces can instantly jazz up an outfit. Here are some of our fave designs that can be customized to any adornment of your choice – necklace, ring, earring, pin or badge, magnet, keychain and bookmark. The best thing? You can also make your own design and have them create it exclusively for you, not to mention that the prices are really affordable!


DSC 3061

DSC 3063

On Didi: blazer and tank top, thrifted; jeans, Folded and Hung; Hello Kitty flats (Joyce’s), Crocs; necklace, Hodge Podge; wooden skull bracelet, Rainbow Tropics; yellow skull bracelet, Sassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee

DSC 3085

DSC 3097

On Joyce: leather jacket, Puma; romper, gift; sneaks (Didi’s), Juicy Couture; necklace, Hodge Podge; watch, Swatch; skull bracelet, Sassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee


We hope your enrollment went well, too, dearies! Good luck and all the best for the coming semester!



Joyce and Didi


Photos by Sandi Ghannam

Her blog is worth following! Check it out HERE.

Neon Madness

DSC 0636

Neons will effortlessly enliven an ensemble as long as you mix and match the right way. You don’t wanna end up looking like a traffic cone or a glow-in-the-dark mascot, do you?

DSC 0762

Before we proceed to our outfit details, allow us to acquaint you first with our new sponsor, Sassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee. The shop is owned by the very pretty and creative Ms. Juvy Ann Pama who happens to be an alumnus of Ateneo de Naga, too.  We’re very delighted upon knowing that she utterly appreciates the fact that we are so passionate about fashion blogging and that she admires how we, the A-Fash ladies, do our own thing. It was a great chance chatting with her and we got so astounded when she made us choose about 15 pieces from her array of accessories! She takes inspiration from European fashion bloggers and the best news? Her items are priced on a student-friendly basis! The items above are what we wore to jazz up our neon outfits. Now we go to the details. ☺


On Didi: button down top, neon green tank top, pants, all thrifted; jelly wedges, Landmark

DSC 0650

arm candies, all from Sassy Pink Shoppe; double spikes cuff, Diversify; nail art by Didi

DSC 0646

DSC 0659

Didi: “Surprised to see Yen wearing colors similar to mine. Ain’t that cute? A-Fash sisters! ♡”


On Joyce: multi-colored top and neon pink flats, thrifted; high-waist jeans, just found it at home 😀


Joyce: “Don’t you just love the unique details of this top? ☺”

DSC 0588

bow belt, SM Department Store; arm candies, all from Sassy Pink Shoppe; double spikes cuff, Diversify

DSC 0601


The A-Fash ladies in vibrant colors

From L-R: Mutya, Sam, Didi, Abby, Joyce, Yen

DSC 0654

Hope you love our outfits and we wish we gave you a fab idea on how to mix and match neon colors.


Love love, 

Joyce and Didi


P.S. We mourn the loss of one great man – a leader, a father, a hero. You will forever be remembered by all Sec. Jesse Robredo. Your spirit will live on. We honor and salute you! (see photo HERE.)

Black and Prints…and Friends ♡


We had a great day today despite the fact that the College of Arts and Sciences did not make it to the top three colleges in the over-all results of this year’s ADNU Intramurals. Nevertheless, we are still so proud of the students who exerted exceptional efforts in the various activities. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!


Our dearest friends amplified our enjoyment and with enjoyment, we mean the all-out cheering and support to our college. It’s amazing how we look so fresh in the photos amid the unpleasant temperature in the covered courts. 

First photo: Danica, Joyce and Didi, AnnaBerns

Second Photo: Danica, Joyce, Homer, Didi

Ready to view our outfit details? Let’s go! 


On Didi: sleeveless Peter Pan collar top, gift from uncle Papa Dun; skirt, gift from Tito Paul; silver flats, thrifted; bag (Joyce’s), Guess


ribbon hair clip, gift from fellow fashion blogger Abby

Didi: “This photo taken by Tete Joyce is so Tumblr-ish. Love it!” 




On Joyce: head-to-toe thrifted; Nine West bag, thrifted 


House of Harlow inspired arrow ring, bought from a friend; silver bangle, F2M 

Joyce: “I have a great feeling that the thrifted Nine West bag will be overused. LOL.” 


The cross earring is from our new sponsor, Thrifty Frills. Thrifty Frills is an online shop that sells oh-so-pretty trinkets at very affordable prices. In fact, they have items as low as Php 25 that can instantly spice up any outfit. That way, you need not spend too much moolah just to look presentable. They actually sent us ear cuffs too which we will be wearing in an edgy ensemble soon. Visit the lovely shop now and you’re guaranteed that you’ll find cheap yet chic pieces. ☺ 


Remember our handsome photographer friend Fadi whom we’ve been showering too many compliments frequently? LOL! That’s him! Handsome and talented man he is! Thanks Fadi for never getting tired of capturing such lovely photos. ☺ 


We hope you had a gret day, too! Keep up the good vibes! ♡


Love love, 

Joyce and Didi