We’re Frances Joyce and Frances Claudine Vasquez a.k.a. Joyce and Didi; we’re sisters and fashion bloggers and we just came back from the afterlife. We deem it necessary to reintroduce ourselves coz it’s been like forever since we last published an outfit post and yes, we do apologize. How are you guys doing? It’s been a delightful summer to the both of us. We had respective commitments and we were productive. Joyce is still unemployed but overall, she’s happy. Didi’s done with her internship and is already bracing herself for her final school year. 


In the course of our hiatus, we received a couple of messages and tweets regarding our comeback post. We felt so loved and so we dedicate this bright and breezy outfit post to you guys coz we’re a firm believer that clothing can potently express feelings much the same way as words and actions can. This was shot at the Haciendas de Naga poolside when we had our summer-ender bonding with our aunt and cousins. Oh how bad we missed posing for the camera and we’re actually finding the right words to type right now. It’s been more than a month since we last updated Frances and Flair and the breather really proved that fashion blogging is really a part of our system now that not being able to blog makes us incomplete. Thank you for being patient and supportive.  


On Joyce: bustier floral top (Didi’s), Straps and Laces; sunnies, SM Department Store; denim top (worn on waist) and denim shorts, thrifted; arm candy, CaLee Shoppe; flip-flops, Havaianas 



Joyce: “My outfit screams SUMMER HANGOVER. I chose a vibrant orange bustier and pastel-colored shorts which I think made a cute combo. I tied the denim top on my waist to add some attitude.”image

On Didi: silver bustier and US flag bandage skirt, Koreana Shop; denim vest, thrifted; sunnies, Les’ Moda; watch, Guess; sneakers, Juicy Couture



braided bracelet, Clarissa’s Arm Candy


Didi: “I’ve been envying Lookbookers on their seamless outfit posts wearing denims, bustiers, and printed skirts so I decided to combine all three as my outfit of the day. I feel like I’m a laidback rocker chick heading to a concert when I’m actually to dive in a wave pool. But hey I changed into my trusty bikinis after this shoot, just in case you’re bemused.”


We hope you’re pleased with our revival. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder and we hope that in this particular case, it rings true.



Joyce and Didi

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