Color Splash

DSC 2103

‘Twas a rainy afternoon yet our vibrant smiles and colors managed to keep the woes awayColor blocking was our theme and yes, it was challenging and fun at the same time. Truth is, it took more than two hours for the younger sister Didi to finally be satisfied with an ensemble and mind you, that is no hyperbole. 

DSC 2065

DSC 2072

DSC 2017

A million thanks to you Ate Juvy of Sassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee for the frequent dose of pretty pieces. We couldn’t be any happier! ☺

DSC 2015

On Joyce: pleated striped top, Te Amo; colored pants and flats (Didi’s), thrifted; envelope bag, Sam’s Station; all accessories from Sassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee

DSC 2086

DSC 2036

DSC 2035

Didi: “I call this the ‘sosyal na pangpatiwakal’ necklace. Haha!”

DSC 2029

DSC 2033

On Didi: cut-out top, thrifted; orange pants, Solo; envelope bag, Sam’s Station; rope necklace,Sassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee; charm bracelet, from Gainza Trade Fair; belt, thrifted; flats, DIY (will post the How-Tos soon)


Have you noticed our matching envelope bags? They’re from our newest sponsor, Sam’s Station by Ms. Jen Calderon. Aren’t they pretty? They’re the perfect staple pieces if you wanna try a color-blocked get-up as well. 


Thank you Yen for the snaps! And oh by the way, please do not forget to join the three sets of giveaways for our September Giveaway Galore here, here and here. ☺


Best regards, 

Joyce and Didi

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