Floral Fantasy


Flowers are always beautiful and often exude a girly and cheerful vibe as evidently seen in our quirky photos above. It’s our birth month and we actually expect that September will be a great month for us yet of course, it is up to us whether we would make this month a spectacular or a miserable one. The former, for certain! ☺  

DSC 1826

Here we are with the adorable A-Fash ladies in their floral-themed outfits. Too bad we weren’t complete again due to conflicting schedules. 


On Didi: sheer cover-up, lace tube, floral pedal, all thrifted; wedges, Mendrez

DSC 1729

DSC 1738

laced bag, gift; bangles, gift from grandma Mommy Nia

DSC 1741

statement necklace, Zuri Wearable Art

Didi: “I got the necklace as a token for being one of the ramp models during the Bicol Fashion Week. We will post about it soon!”


On Joyce: tube top and pedal, thrifted; cardigan, SM Department Store; jelly wedges, Landmark


DSC 1782

Joyce: “Thanks Ate Juvy of Sassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee for this pretty fringe necklace! You’re the best!”

DSC 1778

peace bracelets, Yellow Daisies Accessories; skull bracelet, Sassy Pink iDesign by JuvyBee 

Add more life to your arm party with these peace bracelets from Yellow Daisies Accessories. Go visit their shop now! ☺

DSC 1771

DSC 1800

Photography by: Frances Joyce Vasquez and Jamie Lou Borile 

Thanks Yen for the lovely photos! ♥


Before we bid our beautiful goodbyes, may we encourage you lovies to join the first week of our September Giveaway Galore HERE and watch out for more goodies to come on the next days! Hope y’all had a great day today. Always be safe. ☺


Best regards, 

Joyce and Didi

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